MicroPuck by Aerisphere

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The Micro Puck by aerisphere helps you build perfect micro and nano coils every time. Conveniently holds all of your coil bits all in one unit so you don't misplace them.

There is a 510 threaded hole to attach your RBA deck to hold it in place while you replace the coil.

Handy tool to build coils on. When first released they went for $34.99 a bit overpriced but none the less they are cheaper here and a good tool to have if you rebuild your own coils.

product is for Advanced users that understand the building process.

These are American made and machined. So at $10.99 they are a great deal.

Very light weight and pocket sized. Will fit perfectly in your building box/bag.

Bit Sizes:
.030" / .762mm
.057" / 1.44mm
.091" / 2.31mm
.105" / 2.66mm

2.25" radial inches around
Only .6" thick
Weighs 4 ounces

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