SIGNUM by Kontrabida Kustoms

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The sign that Kontrabida Kustoms has done it again. Creating a copper mod that exhibits both power and performance.
SIGNUM's top and bottom pins are made of pure copper, which proves to make it the perfect conductor of electricity. 
The top pin has a simple rotational adjustment (Nemisis Style) ensuring consistent contact. 
SIGNUM’s pure copper body patina’s over time to create its own extraordinary texture, giving each piece a truly one of a kind feel.

SIGNUM ships with one brass top cap, one brass bottom cap, and three copper battery tubes for your 18350, 18490, and 18650 batteries. 

No locking mechanism necessary; 
SIGNUM’s inserted bottom firing cap allows you to stand it up easily without accidental firing. 
To add to its all-encompassing flair and elegance, the bottom cap is engraved with its own unique SIGNUM symbol and unique a serial number. 

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